High fives from the local children. Courtesy of Jay Nunn

Is running the Pyongyang Marathon the same as running a marathon anywhere else?

The 2017 Pyongyang (Half) Marathon, officially the “28th Mangyongdae Prize International Marathon,” had the most interesting start/finish line of any race I have ever run. It started in a packed Kim Il-Sung Stadium in front of 50,000 cheering spectators, went onto the streets of Pyongyang, and finished back inside the stadium where the last quarter mile of the race was a lap around the track while a soccer game was being played. It was surreal.

But the race was clearly organized by people who aren’t runners, and…

Photo by Andrew Hori. Courtesy of Dwight Hwang (Instagram: @fishingforgyotaku)

Most gyotaku prints are flat, but I’ve noticed your artwork has a lot of 3D-style life and movement to them. How do you give feeling and sensitivity to something that is essentially a dead animal?

Yes, there came a point where I tried to print a fish in a different perspective out of necessity. My favorite fish to print is the koi, but when printing it from the side, regular folks would only see it as a fish rather than the beautiful koi that I so enjoyed watching as a child. I realized that for people to recognize the koi…

Photo by Kyle Flubacker

What is your role at the Field Museum of Natural History?

I am the Associate Curator of Fossil Reptiles, but I am usually just referred to as the dinosaur curator. This is a new role for me — I only started in October; I spent the 11 years previous at the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology in Beijing.

What is your favorite bird/dinosaur?

I have a couple (since there are multiple categories). Favorite extinct bird: Jeholornis, an Early Cretaceous bird with a really long reptilian tail (the only Cretaceous bird with this feature, that we know of). That alone…

An identical twin lives in the shadow of her sister. Then conflict boils over into a murder plot.

Dispatch relayed the 911 call just as officers at the Irvine Police Department were starting a new shift. At 3:20 p.m., a young female caller, hysterical with fear, had reported that two gun-wielding assailants were inside her apartment. The assailants had used duct tape and plastic twine to restrain her roommate but hadn’t discovered her yet. She didn’t know if the men intended to rob, assault, or kill them.

Sitting in the heart of perpetually sunny Orange County, the city of Irvine stays true to its master-planned roots with an abundant sprinkling of office parks, universities, supermarkets and nail…

Courtesy of Mikey Bustos

I never really think about ants in the way you probably do, and I only notice them when I’ve accidentally left a piece of fruit out or something like that. Their existence is essentially invisible to most people, I think. Is there anything that we, as humans, can learn from ants and should take more notice of?

Yes, essentially in a lot of ways ants are us. We humans share a very similar lifestyle with ants, as we both live in large groups, some of us in cities of millions. As a result, ants and people have to deal with…

Gutheinz in his law office. Courtesy of Joe Gutheinz

How did you become known as “The Moon Rock Hunter”?

My students, who participated in my Moon Rock Project, called me the “Moon Rock Hunter” (a knock off of the Crocodile Hunter), and when they talked to the press, the nickname stuck. It was repeated over and over again in such publications as the Irish Times, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Saturday Evening Post, and the History Channel.

It is predicated on the fact that I led and went undercover in Operation Lunar Eclipse to recover the Honduras Apollo 17 Goodwill Moon Rock (with the help of H. Ross…

Courtesy of Bri Lynch

How did you get into stunt driving full time?

I started consistently working after filming Creed in 2014. They were rehearsing in a parking lot, doing all their motorcycle stuff and everything, and then somebody had to go home.

They had to leave the set for some reason while they were in the middle of rehearsing and my dad was like, “Oh, my kid can do it.” They’re like, “Okay sure. Where’s your kid?” He’s like, “She’s right there.” So, I got on the motorcycle. It was easy stuff. We’re just riding down the street holding a formation while Michael…

Courtesy of Karen Kitekudlak

Where is your home?

The most beautiful community of Ulukhaktok, Northwest Territories, Canada. Located within the Inuvialuit Settlement Region on Victoria Island (Canada’s second largest island and the world’s eighth largest).

Ulukhaktok is the traditional place name, it means the place where you find material to make ulus (ulus are traditional Inuit women’s knives).

We are officially Inuvialuit with ties to Inuvialuit and Alaskan Inuit to the west, but we are also Copper Inuit with ties to the Eastern Arctic.

Chris holding a Baymax plushie. Courtesy of Chris Atkeson

How did your work influence Disney’s Big Hero 6 and the character of Baymax?

Around that time, Disney had just bought Marvel, so Don Hall, a director with Walt Disney Animation Studios, started to look into, “Okay, what does Marvel have that we could do something with?” For some reason, they got very excited about the original Baymax, a giant metal monster. And when Disney makes a movie, they do research. For Frozen, they sent a bunch of animators from Southern California to Norway to play in the snow.

For Baymax, they said, “We don’t really want a terminator robot…

How do you measure the impact of The Charley Project?

I know it’s one of the main sources of information for missing people on the internet. I got an email once from a lady who was writing about a very old missing person’s case and the guy that’s missing had an FBI file about his disappearance.

When she asked for it under the Freedom of Information Act, they sent the documents to her and it included a printout of his Charley Project page. …

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Independent journalist focusing on culture, true crime, and human interest stories. Editor @unearthedstories. Living in the US with a Vegemite accent.

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